Flowers presented user-friendly with impact to impress, ensures your customers gestures are fully enjoyed. Perceived and realized as a value gift. = Consumers will buy more flowers, from You.

 Find out how and why other florists and their customers are raving about the many benefits of Vox? 

Your bouquets can stand out from the rest, there are many ways to  enhance Vox, giving you the leading edge.

Are you already using Vox and have questions.

It's not a V-ase or a b-ox, it's Vox has become the first choice of thousands of Professional Florists. So simple, yet so effective, this unique flower bouquet wrapping system can double as a disposable cardboard vase.


þ Safe to Handle

won't shatter or smash

þ Double as Vases

without the permanence-disposable, recyclable.

þ Attractive, Modern

designed for today's trends & life styles. Easily enhanced.

þ Easy to Pick Up & Carry

their unique designs enable secure hand grip.

þ Flowers Live Longer

no airlocks, reduced bacterial growth, water stays fresher longer.

þ User Friendly

no mess, no fuss, no worry.

þ Reduced Care Responsibilities

drinking for days.

þ Suit any Occasion or Situation

hospitals, homes, schools, parties, weddings, offices, funerals.

Same bouquets...

The Perfect Wrapping System for
Your Beautiful Flower Bouquets.

Bouquets Arrive Alive,
Live Longer  with Convenience Plus!

Join the Revolution,  Switch Today.

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Some of us make
the effort with 'wet wrap'.
A "Wet Wrap" merely offers moist air (and a messy inconvenience
to the

Consumers Love Vox.
Flowers Love Vox.
Florists Love Vox.

Drama free, useful wrapping. 

View a few ideas.


Did You Know ?
Some of our present day methods of presenting flowers are in effect
helping flowers to die.

Recyclable, degradable.

You've come to the right place!

Did You Know ?
Some of our present day methods of presenting flowers are in effect
helping flowers to die.

Loads of Benefits for You
and Your Customers.

þ Flowers, no longer dehydrating.

þ No urgent re-cutting of stems required 
         by the recipients.
þ Bouquets can be enjoyed in     
         Vox or transfered to a favourite vase 
         recipients choice - drama free!
þ Recyclable, Biodegradable.

þ Useful wrapping.

þ No unwanted container.

þ Opportunity for Your bouquets to
       stand up and stand out.  
þ Show case Your Creative Flair.

Free standing Vox bouquets, upright in natural position, flowers drinking water, minimal airlocks,
respiring, t
ranspiring, flowers needs being met. Recipients choices - without the drama.

different attitude

Ever wondered why flowers need water? It's simple botany.

Want YOUR bouquets to be the Best?

Admired by All?

Bouquets lying down, flowers stressed, dying of thirst. Recipient responsibilities on arrival - on your behalf.